What now?

Imagine enterprise in consideration of real life circumstances, and consider our indigenous culture in original circumstances.

Deliver a program to allow non-indigenous enterprise to engage, listen, learn and benefit while providing opportunities to improve wellbeing and long term outcomes for all involved.

Accept these challenges and attend to moral and ethical responsibilities attached to enterprise without long term guilt.

Provide a sheltered environment for inter cultural engagement and set an example, to be proud to claim responsibility for.

Welcome indigenous men and women into an intriguing era combining empathy for current circumstances without blame and provide a pathway to a shared sustainable future.

The success achieved with Brolga in Bidyadanga is attributable to the adoption of a holistic approach carefully attending to the delicate details of the aforementioned, while networking with the whole community, school, football club, rangers, community CEO and administration offices.

There has been a willingness to intimately know local staff, their circumstances and be prepared to offer care and attention to these matters to gain trust. This initial period takes patience but the rewards are numerous.

"May we aspire to do more than we say" - Andy Greig, Shelter for Life